Friday, June 22, 2012

What about attitude?

I'm trying (yet again!) to use my other blog address. The newest post is here

Hope everyone's having a great summer! (Really hopefully, since it only started a couple of days ago... :)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Got seeds?

We do! For Christmas, I received a very generous gift card from one of my friends (thanks again, A.!) to a local nursery, and the other day we went to pick out the seeds for the garden to use part of the card. Some of them looked like this:

Unfortunately, you cannot tell from the image (unless you take out a magnifying glass or something) that the upper seeds are marked "heirloom" seeds. Although we did not have a striking success with watermelon last year, our children once again wanted to make the effort with that particular crop. Not pictured are the scooped pea and corn seed that we were also able to purchase.

I will most likely have to buy onion plants this year because I guess you were supposed to start seeds indoors for onions like weeks ago if you wanted to use them this year, but I couldn't resist picking up onion packets marked heirloom when I got the chance. I always appreciate when the seeds are clearly marked non-hybrid, and I'm trying to teach my children the difference. I know they're listening because I heard one tell my husband, "Mom won't want those, she only wants non-hybrid..." No pressure. :) Unfortunately, the non-hybrid type of seeds are not always available (at least I can't always find them) so we take what we can find when necessary, even if they are hybrid. I love planting food because it perpetuates your food storage--let's hope the weather will be good enough that we get a good harvest.

If you are planting a garden, I hope it is going well. We did buy a couple of plants at the farmer's market a while back, and the pepper plant is doing well inside, while the oregano plant, sadly, did not last. I was glad that the pepper plant was inside the other day when it started to gotta love Idaho. :)