Thursday, August 16, 2012

Found any good garage sale deals lately?

We found this little charcoal grill by driving by a garage sale on a street not to far from ours recently. It is a little (and I stress the little) grill that would be oh-so-easy to take camping, or throw in the back of a vehicle in the case of an evacuation. I pointed it out on the lawn in question, and my husband got out and checked the price--$10. It was later in the day (if I were a serious "garage sailer" I would have been out there early in the morning or even the night before, from what I understand) so I knew I didn't have much time if I decided I wanted it. Still, I'm not much of an impulse buyer, and since I only saw this little gem by accident, I needed some time to think about it. That, and a chance to check what prices for something like this little grill would be new. Soooo....we drove off.

Eventually, I got a chance to get online and check prices. My husband said that similar grills were available new at close to $10, and once again, he was correct. Still, it's nice to support individuals if the item is in good condition (which we knew was the case, since my husband checked it out when he was checking the price) so I got in the car and headed back to the garage sale. I bought the grill for the stated price, and brought it home.

When I talked to the lady selling the grill, she told me something interesting: she had had some charcoal out for sale as well, and it was one of the first things to go of the entire sale, even though one of the bags wasn't entirely full. When I headed out to buy some charcoal so we could try the grill out, I could see why the garage sale charcoal was so popular...

One of the reasons we bought this is because we didn't have a charcoal cooker of any kind, and we like to have options when it comes to activities that require fuel. Sometimes charcoal goes on sale with a really good price reduction, so next time I hear about a sale like that, I'm going to be a lot more interested in putting some aside... :)

Changing the subject--some of our garden has prospered, but some has not. The pumpkins, as usual, look good, and the corn and beans look promising. We had a pretty good raspberry season, too, so no complaints... :)

Hope everyone is having a great summer! Hope you are having/have had success with both gardening and any "garage sailing" you care to do!