Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuna--another canned meat

Ok, true confessions. I have never really cared for the taste of tuna fish. However, the practical side of me likes tuna fish. It's cheaper than canned chicken. It has wonderfully far-off expiration dates on the bottoms of its little cans. It comes out of said little cans fully edible. In terms of food storage, what's not to like? So I've had some cans of tuna in my storage room for awhile. Not a lot--after all, there is that whole not-liking-the-taste thing. However, today I figured that there was no time like the present, and we had tuna fish sandwiches for dinner.

First, I found this recipe online, and amassed all three (tuna fish, cream of mushroom soup, and potato chips) ingredients needed. Granted, I don't think I'll have potato chips immediately available in an emergency, but there were a couple of key things that I wanted to succeed at with this recipe, and those were a) actually use tuna fish in a meal, and b) have it not taste like tuna fish. The recipe linked here is called "mock chicken sandwiches," it required tuna, it was easy, and it promised a different flavor. So I mixed it up, baked it, toasted some bread, and served it up.

The verdict: Those who tried it liked it. (That includes me.) My husband gave it a 6 (not a resounding score, but respectable) and said it was a keeper. So I have one recipe in my win column.

It did taste a little like chicken--point is, it tasted good. There's a bug going around our house so we didn't force the issue with those who aren't feeling well, and they got a more familiar meal. I think that the next time we have it, and they actually try it, they'll probably like it. Ahh, it's nice to have children who aren't usually overly picky about food... :)

So, do you have any recipes that use canned tuna combined with other food storage items? I really just need to have a few easy alternative recipes for using this handy little canned meat, and maybe I'll learn to like it more... :)


The Scavenger said...

Marie, we have tuna from time to time. Mostly grilled tuna sandwiches, just like a grilled cheese only tuna. Sometimes a pickle on the side, we really like it. If it comes in a can then I'm your man. haha!!


Marie said...

Chris--That actually sounds like it would taste pretty good. I just feel bad sometimes that because I don't like something I don't give my children a chance to try it, when they might really like it. In this case it would be great if it turned out to be something they really liked, because it's easy to store... :)Thanks for your comment!

Anonymous said...

I keep quite a bit of tuna in Storage, For the most part My wife can only have it occationally because of the salt content and she also deosn't care for fish as a whole. So I keep mostly for me and perhaps a barter item later. I make tuna cassarole with Mushroom soup and wide egg noodles. I do this when she goes to her ladies activities and I am alone for dinner. I also like to just mix up a bowl with can of tuna, mayo and Seafood sauce.

Tuna is an excellent protein sourse. I keep about 50 cans on an ongoing basis. I also have canned smoked oysters,kippers and sardines.

While this stuff may not be filet mignon it is good wholesum food.

Carl In Wisconsin

PS. If My local Newly built LDS Church does not have a cannery, do I go up the ladder to higher level to find one in another city? I am a non member...

Carla said...

Marie - A 'Friday Favorite' when I was growing up was Tuna Fish Hot Dish (we called casseroles hot dishes back in northern Wisconsin). Can of tuna, cooked egg noodles, some canned peas (or frozen), and cream of mushroom soup - all mixed together & baked. And sometimes with a sprinkle of crushed potato chips on the top, if any were available.
I've tried making this recipe but it never taste the same as what my mother made.
It's a favorite recipe in church cookbooks...
I've been enjoying your blog for several weeks now - thanks for all the great information!
Carla in North Idaho

MeadowLark said...

I grew up eating "toasted tuna" - like grilled tuna (the scavenger's comment) only on toast, not grilled.

I'm sorry you're not a tuna fan, as it's an easy protein source. Glad you're giving it a chance. I'll have to think if I have any "disguise the flavor" recipes. :)

Jodi said...

I have a delicious cheesy tuna noodle recipe that you can hardly taste the tuna in. It's not really a "food storage" recipe, but it can be useful for rotating your tuna and your pasta noodles. Also, my kids LOVE tuna helper. There are some decent flavors. My husband's favorite is the one with broccoli but I don't like broccoli. Haha. I don't like tuna all that much either so I feel your pain!

riverwalker said...

Got tuna stacked to the ceiling around my place. Have it in pouches also. We mix tuna with bolied eggs, pickle relish,onions, mustard and salad dressing. Then we roll out some biscuit dough flat, coat it with the tuna mixture, roll it up, slice it into sections to where it looks like cinnamon rolls except with a tuna mixture. Place them on a cookie sheet and bake in the oven till biscuit dough browns, brush with a little butter while baking. Makes a quick and easy hot dish. even good cold or hot as a leftover. We call them tuna fish pinwheels.At family get togethers the wife makes up a bunch - several batches and they're the first things to disappear.

Tuna! Gotta love it!


Marie said...

Carl--I do have quite a bit of pasta in storage, so that mixture may well be next on my list to try. I haven't tried the others you mentioned, (sardines, etc.) but they are worth looking in to. You make a good point about them being potential barter items.
As for the cannery, I would look up The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in your phone book and tell them about your interest in the cannery. I have learned from our nearest cannery that non-members need to be accompanied by a member, so I would just ask for assistance and more information when you call the local number. I hope that there is a cannery in your area--I love ours!

Carla--I like the addition of peas--anything for more vegetables, and of course, no one would complain about the potato chips. Thanks for the suggestion, and for your kind words!

Meadowlark--Maybe if I just eat it more, it will grow on me... :)However, any "disguise the flavor" recipes would be welcome!

Jodi--Cheese would probably be a nice addition--I will have to look into the Tuna Helper idea. My whole thing is trying to pretend it's not tuna... :)

Thanks to everyone for your comments and suggestions--they are much appreciated!


Marie said...

Riverwalker-- Your comment came through right after I replied to the other comments, and that recipe looks really good. The more ingredients that go with the tuna, generally the more I like it. Tuna fish pinwheels will have to go on my list of must-try recipes--thanks for sharing!

riverwalker said...

Anytime marie!


Emma said...

We eat tuna sandwiches (tuna and mayo, or use tartare sauce for a change) tuna casserole (tuna in white sauce with onions, chopped boiled eggs, rice/pasta/potatoes, corn (and maybe peas) and LOTS of cheese) and tuna rissoles (tuna, 4 slices of bread, diced, onion, 1-2 eggs to bind, make into patties, roll in seasoned flour and shallow fry - yum!)
Hope this helps

Marie said...

Emma--Those sound really good--I had never thought of using tartar sauce, but it makes sense. Thanks for the multiple ideas, they will definitely go on my list!

Prudent Homemaker said...

The only way I can do it is to eat it with cocktail sauce on it.

Marie said...

Prudent Homemaker--I have not tried that, but it sounds interesting--I like the idea of less tuna flavor. :) Thanks for your comment!