Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fuel for the fire: We have our aspen firewood

Have I mentioned how great it can be to get information from other people on the internet? Well, along with recommendations from my best source (Mom) and comments and information from other people (thanks, my internet friends), I have gained the following information:

1) Pine wood is a soft wood and will not last as long as aspen wood will.

2) Pine wood creates more creosote that likes to live in your chimney. Your chimney doesn't like said arrangement as much.

3) Since we only have 2 cords (not complaining--that's two more than we had day before yesterday) we probably don't have as much as we would like to have in terms of duration. Look at other prepared people's blogs and two cords looks like a drop in the bucket, and some people I know through the internet have vast, and I really mean vast supplies of firewood, some stacked in massive and properly-maintained woodpiles, and others with excellent structures in which to house them. We have the corner of the garage closest to the back door in which to store ours, and we are happy with that--but those other people give me a lot of information and a higher goal to shoot for.... :)

Anyway, you may recall that back in October we had ordered aspen from this gentleman, but what with various scenarios, the wood was never delivered. We considered ordering pine, which looked like the only other readily visible option in our area, but we were warned in time (see above list) of certain features of pine wood that were not ideal for our situation. (Rest assured, we have nothing personal against pine wood. :) As I'm sure you know, life gets busy, and as a result, further wood-ordering was put on hold. We decided to give the aspen wood gentleman another try, and even though I was getting a little nervous when he didn't show up on time, he did call, we got our wood, he got his money, and everybody's satisfied.

Gotta love a happy ending when you're talking about emergency heating.... :)


Anonymous said...

Marie, I am very glad you got your Aspen. BUT Wood piles are the favorite home of rodents, nasty wood eating insects such as termites in the winter even if you keep it inside your garage. Be sure you carefull shake off each chunk as you take it inside so as not get those unwaanted visitors sharing your house.

Carl In Wisconsin, I really enjoy your blog by the way

The Scavenger said...

That is news I have been looking for over here, and great news it is. Happy you finally got some emergency heat. I't will save ya some money too.


Marie said...

Carl--The only rodents I have seen around here are dead ones, thanks to our cat, but then they didn't have a woodpile to hide in before, so we will keep an eye out. I hadn't thought about the termites, so we will be careful about shaking the wood before we bring it in--thanks very much for the warning, and for your kind words!

Chris--We are very excited to finally have what looks in our garage like a huge amount of wood, and we hope it will last us awhile. Fortunately for us, the way the house is configured, the heat from the fireplace heats the most occupied areas, so we hope it will save us some money as well--it seems like a win-win-win situation so far...

I appreciate your comments, and appreciate you sharing your knowledge about wood--it helps a lot!