Monday, December 28, 2009

Mom's Fudge

Ok, not strictly food storage. But so, so, sooooo worth sharing. Seriously, this fudge is the best:

Mom's Fudge

Bring the following three ingredients to a boil.
Then boil 8 minutes at full boil, stirring constantly:

1 tall can (12oz) evaporated (non-sweetened) milk
5 cups sugar
1/4 lb margarine or butter

Remove from heat and add:

3 small packages chocolate chips
1 pint marshmallow creme
1-2 cups chopped nuts

Pour into buttered pan. Chill and cut into squares. Makes 5 pounds of fudge.

I remember helping to make this fudge when I was a kid, and when the recipe says you need to stir constantly, it means constantly. In the interest of full disclosure, however, I don't believe I have ever made this on my own, because regardless of what the original source is for this recipe (which was being made when my mom was a child), my source has always been my best source: Mom.

That includes this year, when we got an unmarked container of fudge in our Christmas package, which, when I saw it, caused me to say to my husband something like ,"This has to be fudge!" This exclamation was followed by rapid opening of said container, the contents of which led me to say, "Yes, yes, yes!" while putting my arms in the air in the classic gesture of victory. Yes, this fudge is that good. Thanks, Mom!

Sadly, there is only one piece left now. I call dibs. If I can get to it first... :)


Stephanie in AR said...

Would you give an amount for that tall can of condensed milk? Due to package shrinking I've started writing down amounts just for safety's sake.

Marie said...

Stephanie--I called for the amount--12oz--and modified the post so that it would be more clear. When I called for the information, my mother said to make sure that I added the information about bringing it to a boil and boiling full boil for 8 minutes by the timer. I guess I've helped/seen it done so many times that I didn't think about being more clear. Thanks for asking--you're right about changing package sizes!

Marie said...

One more general comment--the evaporated milk is the non-sweetened type, and I have modified the post again to indicate that--thanks for your patience! :)