Saturday, August 6, 2011

Price check

Just wanted to mention a couple of prices that I have seen go up recently:

--The candy in the cashier lane.
Sometimes when my children go shopping with me, I will let them choose a treat from the shelves next to the checkout stand. Alas, I found out this week that the price on such treats has gone up nearly 50% when you consider the treats that are usually the ones being considered-- $.50 or less. Now, for the same treat, the price is $.74. Still under a dollar, but 50% is a big jump...

--The 12-pack Ramen noodle package

For quite some time, the price on this product has held steady at $1.68. Then, recently I saw that these boxes are now priced at $1.98. Granted, you might be able to find it at a lower cost, but I'm just talking about comparisons in the same store where I remember the previous price--prices are going up, up, and up... Still, not a high-priced item, but more is more...

Any price increases that have particularly caught your eye lately?


pelenaka said...

I've been able to stay out of the grocery stores for the most part these last six mos or so. Opened a #10 can of whole powdered milk, bartered fro eggs mos ago. and haven't had butter in the house in weeks.
Occasionally I go to Aldis, which has been holding the line fairly well from what I can see. Last week I did buy a bag of frozen chicken breasts for under $7. Use those sparingly.
We have been practicing vegetarianism now that the garden is up & running.

Marie said...

Pelenaka--You are far ahead of me--I have opened my powdered eggs, and need to use them and powdered milk more. I have frozen some butter (bought at sale price) for future use, but the price on that and especially cheese in the dairy category has caused me some sticker shock for some time. Our garden has been doing fairly well this year, and I should probably be finding ways to make vegetables more central in my meals--you've given me a lot to think about (I'm especially impressed about the basically non-store visitation for 6 months). Thanks as always for your comment!

Anonymous said...

family dollar in one week, Altoids went from 99 cents to $1.65,
and at IGA same Altoids went from99 cents to $1.99.

Sugar from 1.59 for five pounds to 2.59 up to 3.59 for same size, same brand. Bread from 69 cents to 99 cents on sale.

We spend more and buy less. Don't buy fresh fruit or veggies anymore. Just can't afford it. Potatoes and onions, fresh garlic are all we buy in produce department. Haven't had eggs in a long time, can't afford the almost two dollars a dozen.

We make our bread, eat lots of made from scratch meals. Too wet for a garden this year.

Marie said...

Anonymous--Wow! Those are big price leaps, in very a very short amount of time. Our eggs are still less than $1.50 in at least one location around here, so I'm hoping that they won't hit $2.00 any time soon.

Thanks for the info--it is always good to hear numbers from all over for comparison. I'm sorry about the garden situation, we've been more fortunate this year, even though the season started out cold. Waiting to see how the remaining crops turn out...
Thanks so much for your comment!