Friday, January 23, 2009

The more information, the better...

Well, if the purpose of inventory was to worry that I didn't have enough of something in storage, it worked--would it surprise you if I mentioned that our emergency preparedness purchases this week consisted of rice, rice and more rice? Yeah, at this count, it really is only rice in the running... :)

One of my older polls consisted of the following question and answers:

How do you share information about food storage?

I don't talk about food storage with other people 20%
I talk about food storage with people who have the same mindset that I do 54%
I share a blog with the world to encourage others to improve their food storage 25%
I have e-mailed people about the importance of food storage 20%
I belong to a food storage group who does group buys and has members who help each other prepare 8%
I have taught classes on food storage 11%
I talk to anyone I can about food storage 20%
I have written letters/newsletters about food storage 5%

Thanks for participating in my polls, and thanks for the work you are doing in getting prepared and/or getting other people prepared. It's not always easy to talk about food storage or to get prepared ourselves for a variety of reasons, but it is encouraging to see that people are doing a variety of things to help themselves and others to make progress in this area.

One thing that I find encouraging is that there is now an American Preppers Network, and that as a result, a lot more people are writing about topics that will help people to get more prepared for emergency situations. I have linked to them on this page, but I won't have room for all fifty links, so I will leave up the links that I had before this network went up, and you can link to the American Preppers Site for updated information. A lot of the states have been spoken for, but some have not, so if you want to get involved, and blog rather than talk about emergency preparedness, this might be for you. If your state's website has already been claimed, I'm sure that the blogger in charge would appreciate your input. Even if it is not your state, I'm sure that contributions on any topic that applies would be appreciated, and if (like at Idaho Preppers, hint, hint :) you are willing to post but want to remain anonymous, you can send in a comment, and it could end up showing up as a post with the credit given to your blogger name of choice. At any rate, there is a lot more information showing up, and shared information that will help in an emergency is always welcome.

In the end, if you don't want to blog/talk/whatever about emergency preparedness, I hope that at least you are doing some preparation for you and yours. After all, actions speak louder than words.... :)


The Scavenger said...

Marie, sorry I haven't been over in a while, been real busy. The prepper movement is running wild across the nation and our neighbors to the north as well. Sure makes me feel good to see so many interested in preparedness and taking steps to do just that. God bless 'em all.


P.S. Got rice?

Marie said...

Chris--I think that all the prepper blogs coming up is a wonderful thing--it may mean fewer people stop by here, but truly, the more people who get prepared, wherever they get the information, the better... :)
As for the rice, yes! and hurray! we now have more--still have the mentality to keep getting more, but every little bit counts--thanks very much for your comment!

Marie said...
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