Wednesday, June 17, 2009

(Green) Strawberries

Well, everyone in Idaho knows we have been having a good rain season here--raining, raining, and did I mention raining? We really need it, so no complaints here. I just kind of forgot to go out and take a look at the strawberries until someone in another state mentioned theirs. So I went out and hurray, the strawberry plant pictured above is progressing in my front yard. Somewhere amidst the flowers that are also in my front yard. Gotta love strawberries---or at least know someone who does...

Sometime in between the rain showers the corn, pumpkins, cucumbers and beans have been planted. It still is pretty cool out, so hoping we get a better harvest than last year.

Not much to post about--recently purchased some more soap (hand and dish) for the storage, as well as the occasional additional can of Spam and the like. Still increasing the size of the garden for planting later.

Changing the subject entirely.... I have heard about EMPs and need to do more research on them. Over at Preparedness Pro Kellene Bishop is doing a series on them, (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 are up as of this writing) so you might want to check it out. I know that I link a lot to other blogs and websites, but just trying to share what I've found---knowing where to find the information is sometimes half the battle. I had already put in a request at the local library for the book, One Second After , before I saw this series, so I wouldn't be surprised if I posted something about them sometime....the more we know, the better prepared we'll be.


matthiasj said...

I love strawberries, my grandmother has big strawberry patches.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Marie said...

MatthiasJ--We actually tried to add some strawberry plants in the backyard, but unfortunately they didn't make it. Maybe someday we will have a big patch...thanks for your comment!

preparednesspro said...

Marie, your strawberries are probably red, juicy and delicious by now! Thanks for mentioning the EMP mini-series, hope that's been helpful with your EMP research. Have you read One Second After yet by William Forstchen? It's a great way to get yourself in the "what if" mindset. Also, here is Part IV of the EMP series.

Marie said...

Preparedness Pro--Yes, the strawberries got ripe and were good eating... :) I started One Second After when my turn came up at the library, and will have to finish it when I get my hands back on it--seems like it's awfully popular at the moment. The person who recommended it to me said it was good if you have been preparing and could say that you already would be ready for such and so aspect of it. The what if scenarios are also helpful, if scary....thanks for your comment!