Monday, February 22, 2010

More ways to use your long-term storage...

And when I say "more ways", I mean a lot more ways, many of which I haven't had a chance to even look at yet. Thanks to a kind e-mailer, I received a message with some wonderful links to recipes, one of which contains a lengthy list of recipes. I quote from said e-mailer, who actually took the time to put some of the actual recipes in the e-mail:

"These recipes are for making instant meals for long term storage. The sites have many more.
Just mix up, measure into bags seal and put in buckets."

Here are the sites:

Soup Mix in a Jar Recipes, (I'm looking to try this one sometime, of the ones I've looked at so far... and there are even more types of mixes below the list of soup recipes)

AllFreeCrafts.Com, where you can find chicken noodle soup and minestrone in a jar recipes

This Veggie Rice Mix---I don't know if there are other recipes to find here yet, but this one looks pretty good.... :)

It's really the first link that has the most options to choose from, and hopefully you will find something that you and your loved ones would like. It's always good to have different options that are easy to make, and the recipes that I have seen in the first link so far look pretty good--I have a lot to go through on the list still, but I thought I'd give you the links so you can find what you like--gotta love variety, probably even more so when you are using your long-term supplies...thanks again, kind e-mailer!


Anonymous said...

I made the potato soup mix in a jar and found it too highly seasoned. I added another cup of potato flakes and some powdered cheddar cheese and found it much more to my liking.

When you cook it, a few tidbits of bacon and some chives make it even tastier - like baked potato soup.

HermitJim said...

I made up a bunch of the "soup mix in a jar" things for gifts one year, and they were well received!

They have cookie and cake mixes in a jar also!

If you Google "gifts in a jar" there is a wealth of ideas out there!

Now I'm hungry again! Thanks for the links...!

Marie said...

Anonymous--Thanks for the tips-can't think of many people who wouldn't like the add-ins, and with the extra potato flakes, it would stretch further. Thanks very much for your comment!

HermitJim-- I will have to check out the other mixes--I'm bound to find more recipes that I these as gifts is a great idea as well. Thanks as always for your comments-they are much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

hey Marie, this is carl of arizona( formerly of wisconsin). I just got full time internet access, so I can look at yo9ur page everyday now....


SciFiChick said...

Thanks so much for this! It's exactly what I was looking for! Love your blog btw..