Monday, February 8, 2010

Rolls and Rotation

Decided I would finally try another recipe that I entered into my emergency notebook awhile ago, this one, from Mennonite Girls Can Cook, in fact. They came out looking like this:

Yeah, if you check out the link, their rolls are prettier, and they probably taste better, too, since I forgot to add the salt. Fortunately, I don't think anyone else noticed that I forgot the salt, and these rolls disappeared pretty fast. An added plus--this recipe made so many that some are headed for the freezer for another meal anytime now.

Now for the rotation part. This recipe calls for 5+ cups of flour, which I knew by looking was more than was sitting in my handy-dandy flour container on my counter. I had some small bags of flour in my storeroom, and a big bag of flour in my storeroom. Those who read my blog regularly may recall that I would rather just buy something and put it in my storeroom and walk away, coming back occasionally for a visit that results in warm fuzzy thoughts that run along the lines of, "I love big bags of flour...", or "Tuna is a good source of protein, tuna is a good source of protein...", than to actually use said storage. Unfortunately, warm and fuzzy thoughts do not necessarily turn into useful and necessary action, so the big bag of flour has been sitting there for awhile instead of being used in new and/or old recipes.

So today was the day I opened the big bag of flour and later secured it with a clip. I need to properly store it in a bucket with one of the colored reusable lids that I have (sorry, the name of said lids escapes me at the moment) and do it right. To be honest, I probably would have used the flour that I consider to be more every day flour in the smaller packages if I didn't know that flour does not have an incredibly long shelf life, like say, wheat, some of which I also have stored. The long shelf life of wheat is one of the justifications I use for not grinding it yet, but yeah, that also is not the most productive way of thinking.

So yes, I am rotating my flour now, and have yet to start using a grinder on my wheat. Still kind of a victory for me anyway. Ah, baby steps. And those who may be like me, please remember to rotate your flour--you can only visit it so many times in your storeroom before it goes rancid....sad, I know. I love those visits....


Someone You Know said...


Congratulations on making the jump to using your food storage and rotating it. You are on your way to being better prepared.

Good Luck and keep on preppin'

Marie said...

Someone You Know--Thanks for your kind words--I really do hate to actually use what I consider supplies marked for "emergencies", but it is definitely better than having to worry if they are still good because they have been sitting there so long....thanks very much for your comment!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! I buy my flour in 5# bags and then put it in the freezer for at least 3 days to kill any critters or critter eggs. Lately I have just been leaving it in the freezer til I need it and it works great. I usually grind my wheat flour and put it in ziploc bags in the freezer also and mix white and whole wheat half and half. I know the big bags of flour are cheaper, but they are harder to store and handle for me. Hope this helps!

Marie said...

Anonymous--Wow, you have a lot of great ideas in a short comment! I need to start grinding wheat, and freezing it ready to use with half and half white and whole wheat sounds like it would make life easier in more ways than one. Thanks for your kind words and for taking the time to comment!