Saturday, December 31, 2011

How quickly was that help supposed to come?

I hope everyone has had a great week and a happy Christmas! The day after Christmas we headed south for a road trip, and fortunately, everything went well for us. We could put a big question mark on how it went for whoever was parked next to us in one location we went, however.

We had arrived in large parking garage, and had finally found a place to park, only to find that the vehicle next to us had one of its rear doors left open. This would be fine if, say, the owner were there taking something out of the backseat, but the problem was that there was absolutely no one there. Kind of eerie, really.

And since the car was at the edge of a row, on the pillar nearby was a security box flashing its blue light like crazy. We looked around the car, and directly into it, to make sure that no one had passed out or something right next to or right inside the car, but there was no one to be seen. When we looked more closely at the security box, it indicated that if the light was activated, security would respond. We didn't touch the car, but looked around for the (hopefully) arriving security as we went on our way.

 By the time we got back to our vehicle, the car door was closed. The blue lights, however, were still flashing. Or flashing again. Hard to know. Just like it's hard to know when help will come whenever there's an emergency. Granted, there's not enough information here to know what happened. The person who left their door open could have activated the security light themselves and made their way to help afterwards. Someone could have activated the light for another reason altogether, and the door could have been left open by a forgetful youngster. (Hey, it happens.) I guess my point is that even though the light was flashing, there was none of the advertised help immediately visible.

 Hopefully, none of us will be in a situation where we need help, but emergencies happen, (in all probability not something even vaguely related to what happened with the person with the open car door) and for many of them we can be prepared in such a way that we don't immediately need help if one happens where we are. Having at least 3 days of emergency supplies ready, like this list of supplies at can make our lives easier if we have to wait for help we hope will come. (I do think that I have linked to this site before, but it does give a basic list that newer readers may find helpful.) It will also make it less urgent for help to get to us, which might especially help anyone who is in more need of assistance than we are...

 In any case, hope everyone will make (or perhaps update) a 72-hour kit for emergencies, and hope no one will ever need it. The link above gives some ideas, but everyone's needs will vary, so it is likely that no two 72-hour kits will look the same. The open car door thing was a reminder to me that help might not always arrive as quickly as one would hope...better to have one and not need it than to not have one and need it...

 Take care, and Happy New Year, everyone!


Ann said...

Thanks for your post and all that you do. Happy 2012!

Marie said...

Ann--Thanks, and happy 2012 to you too!