Thursday, July 3, 2008

So far, so terms of availability

When I was out the other night I happened to look at the diesel prices and saw that they were nearing $5.00/gallon. I don't use diesel, but it scares me anyway, because so many products are only available nationwide due to the trucking industry. I feel bad that the truckers have to pay so much just to stay in business, but I'm glad that they haven't gone on strike like they have in India. Of course, the increased price is passed on to consumers, but in order to get it at any price, it has to be available and on the shelves, not rotting in a warehouse somewhere. You have less to worry about if you have food in storage. (Here comes that magpie again.... :)
If you need further information on food storage,there are so many good sources and ideas out on the Internet. For instance, if you follow the Johnson Family Farm, you will see some advice on when to plant certain produce, ideas for extra planting area by planting potatoes in totes, and what looks like a really useful link for home canning that I personally want to read more about. The point is, if there is something that you don't know how to do, and you are trying to get prepared for any kind of emergency, trucking or not, if you look around and try to find out how to go about it, chances are you will find even more good ideas than you were looking for. Google it or look for blogs, and look for links on the blogs that are useful. You might find easier ways or better ways or cheaper ways to do things as you try to store for the future.
Oh, and did I mention? Please get some food storage, whatever reason will motivate you. Even if there is no food on the trucks or the shelves, you and your children will still need to eat.


The Scavenger said...

Marie, thanks for mentioning us in your post, I hope that folks will find this information useful, I know that I have. I love to use the net to research ideas that come my way. The internet is a wonderful blessing for those of us that are looking and learning for ways to live better, simpler lives. Were would we be with out it? Thanks again and keep up the Great Work,


Marie said...

Chris--I always learn a lot from your blog, and I agree that the Internet is wonderful--gathering information would be a lot harder without it! Thanks for the information you provide, and thanks for your comment! (Weird circumstances--it sure has taken me awhile to post both of these, but the appreciation was/is still there! :)