Thursday, July 24, 2008

Some are more ready than others...

I just read over at Homesteading Hickory Hills that there will be no more new posts. I understand the reasons behind that decision---I just thought I would mention that I have really enjoyed hearing about the goings-on over there, and have learned a lot from their adventures. I read this quote, not too long ago, and I think it applies here:
"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." -Dr. Seuss.
So, while I will miss hearing more, I don't really doubt that they will live happily ever after. They, along with the folks like those at the Johnson Family Farm are people that I wouldn't really worry about if there were an emergency situation, because they are examples of people that are living prepared, not just getting prepared. They have resources at hand that they know how to use.
Unfortunately, I don't know what happens when someone "kills" a blog. But if it remains up, I would encourage you to go read what is already there. If it gets taken down, you missed a good blog.

As for me, I am currently visiting my parents (actually, we've had a reunion--yay!) and have had very little computer time, but I will blog more when I get back. I haven't started my sprouts because the sprouter and I are separated by nigh these many miles, but I have an idea that that sprouter and I will become very good friends. At least that is the plan.... :)


The Scavenger said...

Marie, I too will miss reading about our friends over at Hickory Hills and I wish them the best. It's really great to feel so close to those who write the blogs we read. I enjoy the friendships that we all share over the net thanks to blogging. We are trying our best to live prepared every single day and the information that you provide helps us to do so even more. Thanks.


P.S. Hope you have a great time with the folks.

Marie said...

The internet can really be fantastic for learning about new things, and I especially like looking up how to do things better on blogs, because that usually means that you're looking at someone that is doing/has done what you are working on or hoping to do. Even if you can't do the exact same thing, you can still get the information or ideas that you need. Blogs are a great resource--if it's true that two heads are better than one, think of what that means when you factor in the entire internet! =)I always appreciate your comments!