Friday, July 18, 2008

Survival sprouts

I was talking to someone in our area who is really knowledgeable about storage recently, and he said that if you had wheat and sprouts, you could survive. He is knowledgeable about all areas of storage for an emergency, so my husband and I plan to talk to him some more. I was just struck by that statement--if you think you could make yourself do it, and you're not allergic to wheat, it sounds like that should be the first thing to store. Perhaps it should be the first thing to store anyway, because I would imagine that in an emergency situation you could make yourself do pretty much what you needed to do to survive.
Not long after this conversation, one of my friends who I talk to about using our food storage (recipes, etc.) gave me a sprouting set! It looks like a mason jar, and has multi-colored lids and most importantly, a set of directions. I haven't started to use it yet, but I am very excited to learn how to do so.
One important thing that I already learned from my friend is that you have to be sure that you get the right kind of seeds to sprout. From what she said, some of the seeds that you can buy just anywhere are treated, so at least one good source would be a health food store. When she realized the extent of my ignorance, she dropped by some seeds for me to start out with. You have to love friends.
So in a nutshell, I now have the equipment, but have yet to gain the knowledge on the subject of sprouting. Lesson 1: Make sure you are using the right ingredients, that have not been treated. Another adventure for emergency (and hey, if there is no emergency, this is healthy and doable anyway) eating awaits. I'll let you know how it turns out.


Ron said...

My mom used to make sprouts. I hope to learn from your experiences. :)


Marie said...

It will definitely be a learning experience--I just hope that it never actually comes down to just wheat and sprouts as our nutritional sources. It will come in handy, though, if I can get it right. It sounds like your mom set a good example about eating well!

The Scavenger said...

Marie, please keep us informed on your progress. I would love to learn more, pictures would be great too.


Marie said...

It's a sad story, but our digital camera is about 8 years old now and has mostly given up taking pictures in color--everything looks gray. But when we get a new version (the sooner the better) once I figure out how to post pictures, there will definitely be some. Pictures would certainly add a lot to the blog! I haven't started the sprouts yet, but I certainly hope they turn out--you'll probably get to hear about every (hopefully not painful) detail. =)