Thursday, May 22, 2008

Adventures in food storage...the legumes

Did I not mention that on the list of food storage items that there are actually 6 groups? No? Well, I should have. The second group is the legumes.

Group 2
Dry beans 45 lbs
Dry lima beans 2 lbs
Dry soy beans 2 lbs
Dry split peas 2 lbs
Dry lentils 2 lbs
Dry soup mix 7 lbs

This makes it so that you can kind of look at food storage acquisition in steps, and just get it little by little. Sort of like the hypothetical conversation with oneself of "I can't buy 45 lbs of dry beans today, but maybe I could manage 2 lbs of dry lima beans..." In any case, some is better than none, and adding little by little can get the job done.


The Scavenger said...

Hello there fellow blogger, Welcome to blogspot. I look forward to reading more about your Adventures. Food storage is a hot topic these days and many will enjoy your posts. I for one will be checking back ofter. Thanks for checking out my farming adventures.


hsjacobus said...

Thanks for posting on my site. I'm glad my food storage tips have helped. I learned them all from wiser people then me and I think the best thing I could do would be to share what I've learned and continue to learn. I'm glad to see others, like yourself, doing it too. The more we all contribute to learning what generations have forgotten the better. Good luck in your efforts and may many be blessed because of them.