Saturday, May 24, 2008

Adventures in food storage...the sugars

I could have been more clear on my last post and told you that the link provided there to is a list about the length of food storage times. I always like to know how long food is expected to keep.

Well, we're on group 5:

Group 5: Sugars
Granulated sugar 40 lb.
Brown sugar 3 lb.
Molasses 1 lb.
Honey 3 lb.
Corn syrup 3 lb.
Jams or preserves 5 lb.
Powdered fruit drink 6 lb.
Flavored gelatin 1 lb.

And just for fun, the final group:

Group 6: Miscellaneous
Salt 8 lb.
Dry yeast .5 lb.
Baking soda 1 lb.
Baking powder 1 lb.
Water 14 gal.

As a final note, on the bottom of our list is the following: "Fruits and vegetables in any form would enhance the nutritional value of this diet."
Group by group, or a pound at a time, this food will add up to survival supplies if we find ourselves in a situation that we need to use them.

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