Thursday, May 22, 2008

Adventures storage--the grains

We've been working on our food storage. We went to a while ago now, (to give credit where credit is due) and found out what we would need for 12 months to feed our family. It has been so long now that I can't remember if we counted our children as adults or not, but dividing the amount they told us for the various foods by the number of people listed, (and rounding up--wouldn't you always like to have more than less in an emergency situation?) at least what's below will give people an idea of what one person would need to have to survive for a year. Today, we'll start with the grains.

Group 1: Grains

Wheat 153 lbs
Enriched white flour 16 lbs
Corn meal 28 lbs
Rolled oats 40 lbs
Enriched white rice 68 lbs
Pearled barley 4 lbs
spaghetti or macaroni 34 lbs

I told my mother that I didn't know what to do with pearled barley, and she said throw it in soups. It is interesting that 25 lbs of spaghetti, when bought in a box in bulk, doesn't take up that much room--found that out recently.
I am posting this because I hope that everyone will get at least some food storage together. Step by step, everyone can do it!

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