Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Since time is of the essence...

I did not know until fairly recently that the seeds normally for sale, that are hybrid seeds, will not produce fruits/vegetables with seeds that will then be usable for another crop. With hybrid seeds, it is a one-shot deal, and this could be a problem if you are expecting to grow your own food, and then plant seeds from that food to produce more food. It is my understanding that it just won't happen. Unfortunate but true. So I have seen two solutions offered to overcome the problem of a continuing garden:
1) Get many, many, many hybrid seeds. The good thing about seeds is that it is my understanding that they will last up to ten years if you keep them dry and cold.
2) Get non-hybrid seeds that will continue to give you seeds that will be useful in the future. They are out there. My best source (Mom) sent me information on a one-day half-off sale here, but the thing is it is June 17th only, and there is a code needed--let me know if you want it. I'm going in on an order with my best source, who sent an e-mail indicating that the code is for everyone to use--it came in an ad and use is not restricted.
I personally was shocked to learn about hybrid seeds--I had assumed that if you planted something and were able to get seeds from the produce in your garden, that you could turn around and use those seeds for another crop. I don't know why these hybrids are so prevalent-- perhaps the hybrids are immune to certain problems, or maybe it is something else. Whatever it is, I hope that those who plan on growing their own food are aware of this and plan accordingly.
I just wanted to note that there was opportunity for a sale on seeds--but wherever you get them, please think about how many hybrid or non-hybrid seeds you would need to keep a garden going.


The Scavenger said...

Marie, I'm glad that you made this post. I am afriad that many young homesteaders may not know the difference either. First and formost buy heirloom seeds as often as possible. The seeds from the fruit will give you the same fruit you took it from, always. Hybrids are a good seed. The only problem is 1. can't recover seed 2. Must continue to purchase seed year after year. The overall plan of these seed companys is to weed out our heirloom plants so the we come running and begging for seed from them. OK, now they have us just where the what us "dependent on them". Now they can charge anything they choose. Either pay the their asking price or do with out. Either way they really don't care. Research a little on the Monsanto Co. You won't belive what this Monster of a Co is doing all over the world.

Sorry, didn't really mean to turn this into a Rant, lol Hybrid seed companys don't fool me and I hope others will educated them selves on this life altering plan of the man.


Marie said...

Thanks for your insight on this--I don't know too much about it, but now I'll have to look more into it. It's just interesting to me that as we try to get more independent, there are obstacles (like hybrid seeds)that we need to know about or we might run into trouble. Thanks for your input!