Friday, June 13, 2008

Yet another reason to do something...

Well, look here for more reasons to get something in storage. We already have the prices of both food and fuel, but there have always been the weather reasons to store wisely. The article linked here talks about the flooding in the Midwest, but there is also drought other places, and where I live personally it has been cold--so cold that my husband just planted the corn, etc. in the garden last night. I was worried about the raspberries, but apparently some look like they are on the way.
There was a magpie outside our door this past week just screeching and screeching. It was probably our cat that bothered it, but whatever the reason, it was in the front yard basically yelling its head off. I looked outside to see what the commotion was, but that was the extent of my involvement. I just turned around and went about my business.
Sometimes I feel like I come across like that magpie. This blog has been all about "Get food storage! Get food storage!" over and over again. Maybe I haven't come across the right equivalent of the "cat" for a reader (if there are any readers of this blog :) )---the problem that would cause him/her to get excited about the problem and see the danger of not having food storage and do something rather than just turn around and just go about his/her business. I guess worrying about that is something that motivates me to continue posting articles and reasons, in hopes that more people, or maybe just one person, gets prepared and suffers less because of it.
I am seriously concerned about the food situation in our country. We got a letter recently from the state food bank asking for donations, but they weren't really asking. They were really pushy, from my point of view, but they asked for a summer donation, with a really high (at least for us) minimum donation to start. There was nothing along the lines of "we would appreciate anything you would be willing to give...", (although there was a space marked "other" after the high amounts) but there were 3 envelopes for the months of June, July, and August, and the "invitation" to make a certain donation each month, or just one huge (again, huge to us) donation all at once. The thing is, I can kind of understand why they are being so demanding (my word). The demand for help is increasing, and the donations of help are declining. I would assume that the people that sent the "request" for help (with something to the effect of "Please reply by June 30" splashed across the front) are probably the ones who have to send people away with less food or none at all, according to the supplies.
If you haven't started basic food storage at all, please start with my posts in May, where I list the bare minimums to start from scratch --I am no expert on this subject, but I try to follow and source those who are. There are so many good sources on the internet. Please start your food storage, so that you or you and your family will not be one of those that finds yourselves without. (Maybe I should rename this blog the magpie :).
Anyway, I don't live where some of these problems are, but they affect me. And believe me, when people go hungry, we will all be affected. My best source (Mom) always says to store a little extra to share, because there will people that will not be prepared. I hope that people will always find themselves with a little extra to share rather than with a little too little to eat.


The Scavenger said...

Marie, I am afraid that the average citizen has become so reliant on things to just be ok that they can't imagine it being otherwise. I am afriad they are gonna be very dissapointed very soon. With the weather changing to the point where we can have all 4 seasons in 1 day farming is at most hit and miss. Backyard Victory Gardens and food storage are the only thing that will get the prepared family through these uncertian times. Store some food or wish you had, those are the 2choices that await us everyday.


Marie said...

Thanks for your comment--I do just keep hoping that more people will store anything, because those who are trying to get prepared for high food prices, lack of crops, and/or whatever will separate people from enough to eat can't possibly store enough for everyone--but it could be done one family at a time.
Another advantage that just occurred to me about Victory Gardens is that you know where your produce has come from, all the way down the line, and you don't have to worry about things like the tomatoes in the news lately that are causing so much illness. There are a lot of advantages to growing your own.