Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Something else to think about

Well, we recently went to the store/supermarket again, and their bakery French bread loaves had gone up 53 cents! They had been 88 cents for a long time, and then they were suddenly (at least it felt like "suddenly" to me) 97 cents, and now they were $1.50! Not really the kind of thing you can stock up on-- just another reason to learn how to make bread.
Another thing--when we went to get more wheat at the emergency preparedness store, my husband saw that the 55 gallon water drums were now around $60. According to my best source (Mom), they are likely to go up to $80. I realize that many people are in a more enviable position in regards to water supply, (i.e. water source on a farm, etc.) but for those like me, who just live in a neighborhood in town, it will be necessary to have usable water on hand. We already have 2 of these drums that we got somewhere around 2000, but we have added to our family since then, so we will have to "bite the bullet" and get some more for emergency storage, despite the rise in cost. I am thinking we paid around $30 when we bought the ones we have now, but that was over 8 years ago...
Yet another point--we have to make some kind of wooden platform or other structure to put these drums on, because the plastic should not be on the concrete. It is my understanding that all sorts of impurities will leak into the water if you leave it on the concrete. It seems like I knew that at one time in the past, but as I write my water supply is indeed on concrete. Fortunately, we have them stored in the laundry room at the moment, so it shouldn't be that big of a deal to drain them and refill them once we have a platform in place. So much to do, with who knows how much time in which to do it.... we just need to actually do it. :)

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