Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sticker Shock

Well, before I forget, look here for yet another reason to stock up on food. It just makes sense economically.
The "sticker shock" I am referring to occurred last week. I'm used to prices going up, and I know that milk is expensive because it is a regular purchase. But last week I went in search of a brick of cheddar cheese at the local national store/supermarket in our area, and it seemed that nothing/very little was available under $7! That may not surprise some of you, but it shocked me. I actually called up my husband on the cell phone and told him that Iwas going to have to think about it. I ended up getting some cheese sticks for the kids that were still real cheese, just less expensive per package. I was told by my best source (Mom) that I really couldn't compare cheese prices unless I compared price/lb. So this week, I did.
There was a special at another store--3 one lb. bricks of cheddar cheese for $10. $3.33/lb. I bought 3 and went to another store to take advantage of different specials they had advertised. Their cheese was not on special. If you walked into the store off the street the price was about $6.50 per lb. for the same thing I had bought earlier. If you had one of the store cards that gives you a discount for mere possession of said card, the price was about $5.00/lb.
Up and up and up it goes. Sometimes I look at my blog and think the subject is not the most cheerful thing in the world to blog about. Thing is, it will still be happening whether I write about it or not. It will still be happening whether other people read about it or not. But if it helps one family to stock up on what they can (believe me, I know it is expensive) so that they and their children won't be hungry, it's worth it. No music or fancy templates, (but hey, I did find out how to link without putting down the whole address--yay!) just a hope that more people won't wait to stock up--that they'll do what they can instead of waiting until they can do it all.

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