Thursday, April 30, 2009

Been reading instead--and making muffins

Seeing as how I am not a professional in my adventures with food storage, and especially not when it comes to the whole flu (possible) pandemic, I have been reading about it and/or how to deal with it instead. Some of the things I have been looking at that you might consider informative/interesting/helpful:

--The information on Pandemic Flu Prevention and associated pages located at Provident Living.

--3 Reasons to Pay Attention to the Swine Flu, and associated posts over at Preparedness Pro.

--The most recent H1N1 Update and associated posts over at

Yeah, when I don't know something, I try to find people who do know--hope none of us end up with the flu, but prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.... :)

And now, back to more regularly scheduled food storage stuff.....

Last Friday, I tried the French Breakfast Puffs over at The Pioneer Woman. I just made them as muffins, (though one day I might do the final steps of rolling them in the butter and cinnamon sugar that are probably what qualifies them as "puffs") and they were enjoyed by all. Ahhh, another variation of bread in the old food storage files....always a good thing! :)

Other random activities taking place around here, in no particular order: boiling toothbrushes, using wet wipes in the car more frequently, hounding children to wash their hands (which they do anyway, but what's a (possible) flu pandemic without additional interrogation from Mom?) and just generally trying to get more prepared for anything that might happen....hope all is well with you and yours!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Marie, for providing a link to our blog on H1N1. You've got some great material on your blog and we've added you to our blogroll at

Marie said...

PreparednessPro--Thanks for adding me to your blogroll--I need to update mine to include yours, because your information is fantastic--I only started reading your blog recently, and am always learning something! I hope more people continue to find and check yours out--thanks for your comment!