Saturday, April 25, 2009

Recommended Amounts

I went and searched , a Homeland Security Website, to see what the recommended amount of storage is for emergencies. You can find their food supply list here. I looked at it awhile ago, and thought that I remembered that the recommended amount of storage was for 3 months, but according to the information linked, the suggestion is 3 days. This does not exactly mesh with the information that I somehow have gathered as an impression while reading about emergency quarantines, which is that emergency quarantines last 3 months. Perhaps I just mixed myself up with the overabundance of any case, nothing like an official link to clear up confusion. There are good ideas listed.

Thought you'd like to know--and hope you are prepared/preparing for any emergencies with things that you would need under difficult circumstances. One such possible emergency is a potential flu pandemic, which is all over the news. Also, of course, I hope that you/I/we won't need any such supplies for emergency purposes....


Stephanie in AR said...

I think it was something like 72 hours (3 days), then three weeks, then three months. The FEMA book that can be downloaded has the additional changes - increasing to 3 months- somewhere after page 90.


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Yes, it was three months at one time. They had changed it after Katrina. Perhaps it was a different list but I do remember thinking they finally got smart.

In the 90's, I was an administrator on an emergency preparedness website and we were appalled at three day suggestion.

Marie said...

Stephanie-- I didn't know there was a book, so thanks for the info on that. I'm glad that it does go to 3 months, especially if people have prepared that much, and it ends up being needed. Thanks for your comment!

Brenda--3 days' worth of supplies is better than nothing, but it's definitely not going to last very long...I'd rather have supplies for longer and not need them for emergencies, than not have them and need them, so I hope people are aiming for/already have the 3 month plan... Thanks for your comment!