Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Where's the beef?

First, thanks to whomever answered my poll question while I was writing this post. I had to delete the poll because I forgot to let everyone choose multiple answers, and it wouldn't let me add that option after someone answered. I'm aware that many of you have multiple skills in this area. I just didn't realize how fast you were at answering polls... :) I hope whoever answered will come back and answer again....sorry to start over!

I mentioned this in a semi-buried type of way in my last post, but I don't think I would be very good at butchering and then eating something that I had raised. Hard to say for absolute certain, seeing as how I've never done it before, but having known myself for nigh these many years, I'm pretty sure--yeah, actually really sure-- that I would find it difficult to harvest meat.

That said, I also realize that in a true emergency situation, that I would still need protein if I wanted, along with everyone else that I was responsible for, to remain healthy. My largest protein storage item at this point is good old rice and beans. Together they make a complete protein. I also have a few cans of meat around--Spam, tuna, etc.--for variety. But what if it comes to the point that I need to hunt and/or fish for a protein source?

So I have a lot to learn, both in skills to hunt and capture food, and then how to harvest the resulting meat in such a way that it does good instead of harm when it's consumed. I may not learn absolutely everything I need to know, because some things are better learned through hands-on experience, but I should probably start picking up some information at the local library, and putting what I need in the good old emergency notebook...

I know that many people are ahead of me in this area, and already not only have these skills, but practice them regularly. Not to make me feel behind, my poll question concerns meat sources this week, and who knows? Maybe it will help someone realize how much they already know that will help them and theirs in an emergency situation. How about you? Got protein?


HermitJim said...

Good thing to know how to do, even if you never have to do it! Sorta like knowing how to sew up a bad cut, or how to apply a splint!

Marie said...

HermitJim--Too true, and I really do hope I would never have to do it, but realistically being able to hunt, etc. would be extremely valuable when it comes to maintaining/replenishing your food supply. Thanks as always for taking the time to comment--it's much appreciated!

hsjacobus said...

I'm afraid my mother was more tom boy then I am and so was her girl cousin. More over we're in the minority as there are a lot of boys in our family and so yes I've had the absolute joy of butchering and fishing and a little hunting. It was definitely high on my grossest things you'll ever do list when I was first introduced to it, but I think they finally broke me of my queeziness. I just get it done now so I can get cleaned up. I sympathize with your new choice of learning:)

Marie said...

HSJacobus--I really think that it would have to be something I absolutely had to do in order to be able to butcher something, so I figure trying to be mentally prepared and then having a few notes to refer to would help. I do have to say that I have always admired those who were able to provide the meat--but in a true emergency chances are that they won't be standing around waiting to help me.
Oh, truly I hope I never have to do the butchering, but if I have to start somewhere, I think I'd rather do a fish first...ah, well. It's great that you have those skills already--it puts you ahead in terms of preparation. Thanks as always for your comment!