Thursday, April 2, 2009

May be a little off-topic, but it might help someone

It occurs to me that someone might pass by this blog who is already having difficult times. A site I found, I think a couple of years ago, is Modest Needs. People in all kinds of situations apply for their grants, and people send in donations to fund specific expenses. People can ask for help with car repairs, gas bills, medical bills--something that they need help to pay so that they can keep their heads above water during difficult times. From what I've read, although it has been a while, is that applying for the grants is not difficult, and it sounds like those employed in the organization are very helpful.

If you need help, apply. Not everyone gets funded, but you won't even have a chance if you don't apply. If you can help fund a grant, please consider doing so. Right in the website header it has the words: "Small Change. A World of Difference." Some of the contributions may be small, but they add up. Sometimes, if we work together, we can do an awful lot to help each other.

I hope that if you are having difficult times right now, that things get better for you soon. Check out Modest Needs, and see if they can help you. And if you need to apply for a grant, I hope that you get it.

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