Friday, November 9, 2012

BY #2: Thinking breakfast...

My BY today: Evaporated milk
If I were adding anything to go along with this, it would be: Cereal! Pop Tarts! Dry...anything? (Within reason.... :)
Yeah, my can today is evaporated milk, 12 fl. oz of storageable (is that a word?) goodness. If you are feeding more than, say, two people, you will probably want more than one can of this at a meal.

I wouldn't ordinarily advertise the brand I bought, but hey, when I went here, Carnation gives you the opportunity to get a $.50 coupon off two 12 oz. cans of ...ding ding ding.. evaporated milk! The can I bought was $.97, so basically if I decide to buy more with the coupon at the same store, I can get two cans for roughly $1.50 (you know, what with tax added and all). Anyway, that's my BY for the day.

Any other breakfast/filling canned goods/fill in food storage needs here/ ideas out there?

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