Saturday, November 10, 2012

BY #4: Sunday edition on Saturday

My BY for today: Can of sliced peaches

If I were adding anything to go along with this, it would be: Instant oatmeal. Those little packets with flavoring would be good for variety, but any quick-cooking oatmeal would be good. Adding canned fruit of any kind would make for a more filling meal.

Any canned fruit that is not particularly enjoyed at your house? Peaches beat pears around here...good luck with your BYs!


TM Frugal Gourmet said...

We actually can our pears and peaches ourselves. The stuff at the store is pricey, and nowadays usually has corn syrup added.

We also can apples, applesauce and apple pie filling. Just a thought.

IF you have the time to can, it can be a great family activity..with kids you are comfy with helping peel and cut stuff.

No one under age 8 permitted in the canning kitchen here. BUT they can be at the table peeling, measuring sugar, or counting out rings and lids.

Marie said...

TM Frugal Gourmet--I helped can when I was a kid, and one of my children helped me can not too long ago when we were visiting family. Still a skill I don't feel entirely comfortable with, but it's something to work on. :)
A neighbor gave us pie filling for Christmas one year, and it was much appreciated. Thanks so much for your comment!