Thursday, November 8, 2012

BY #1: Are you in?

There are 53 days until January 1st. If you add a can of food a day to storage between then and now, you will have 53 cans of food in storage. So I am starting a series of posts today, and naturally, I'm in. I will post what I am adding each day (Sunday "BY"s will appear either Saturday or Monday). I thought of calling this series, "Better Prepared By the New Year", but BPBNY is kind of cumbersome, so I'm taking the initials of the first and last words, hence, "BY". My goal is to add cans of food that are ready to eat, or add water only, even if they would be unpleasant to eat cold, because you never know what would be available in terms of fuel in an emergency. You will have something to eat, though--just don't forget to store a manual can opener! :)
After I post my can o' the day, I'll put other ideas, tips, links, etc. when I have something to add.

My BY today: Chicken noodle soup (Ready to eat, do not add water)

If I were adding anything else to go along with this, it would be:   Mashed potatoes or extra noodles or rice. Many kinds of soup would go well over mashed potatoes or noodles or rice, and this would make the food more filling and/or stretch farther.

What if you have a large family, are trying to store for everyone, and need more than one can to make a decent meal? Add one tomorrow and the next day and the next...according to your needs. Some of your BYs may be repetitive as a result. I would still like to hear about them, repetition or no. If you can afford to buy 3 cans at a time and want to think of this series in terms of being able to provide a meal a day instead of a can a day, that works too.  But getting cans, if only one at a time, is better than getting no cans at all.

Posting (or commenting) about a BY a day will keep food storage as a priority. What if someone goes shopping and buys 10 cans of food in one trip? As long as those cans are being put aside for storage, you now have 10 cans to write about, and have 10 days worth of posts and/or comments. Even if 10 cans only amount to 3 meals for your family, you will have enough for about 6 days' worth of meals by the end of the year--which will definitely come in handy in the case of an emergency. If you end up needing only 3 days' worth of food to cover an emergency, someone else may benefit from your preparation when you share it.

You don't need to have a blog to participate, just leave a comment here with your  BY and any suggestions you think may be helpful to others. If you do have a blog, leave a link to your BY in the comments so others can see what you've posted. (Please link to specific posts, so it is easier to find your BY.)

So....are you in?


ejemory said...

I am in, but will start on Saturday. The reasons: my employer offers 10% discount on foods during the holidays and that begins today. Another reason is that it snowed today and I won't make a special trip to the store. I have a shift tomorrow so I'll pick up 3 cans. I need to work on proteins in my storage so I'm thinking canned meats or beans. Good idea to do a little stocking up.

Marie said...

Ejemory--Sounds great to me--I love it when I can save money, and that's just smart shopping/storing on your part. Thanks so much for your comment, and for participating!

TM Frugal Gourmet said...

Fabulous idea! I will also be doing this, but I will be canning my own stuff daily for ready to eat storage. Chicken soup, chili, beans in tomato sauce, beans, chicken, beef... I love my pressure canners and try to use them at least once a week.
Tonight I will be throwing chicken bones in the crockpot with onion, carrot, salt, bay leaf, garlic. Tomorrow morning I will strain it, then can it. I will get either 5 quart jars or 10 pints. I haven't decided which size jars yet.

Marie said...

TM Frugal Gourmet--I am impressed--home canned is the best, and is a skill I need to get better at. I did do some canning not too long ago, but it was with a skilled canner and not on my own, so I will have to work to have that be in my comfort zone. Thanks so much for your comment!