Thursday, November 29, 2012

BY #22: A can, a reader's price list, and a linked article

My BY for the day: Sirloin burger with country vegetables soup (do not add water)

If I were adding anything to go along with this, it would be: Yeah, always better heated, but if it's in the budget, it would be good to throw some crackers in the pantry so they could be enjoyed with the soup.  And, although it's not strictly a can, a jar of peanut butter to go with the crackers might be appreciated when the electricity is out/you are snowed in/fill in your possible food emergency here. Feel free to expand the meaning of the BY series to fit your needs...

Thanks to Ejemory, who was very kind in leaving the following comment in yesterday's post:

"I live/shop in Utah County. Here are the prices on things I'm stocking up on:

Great Value tuna fish, 5 oz., .74
Great Value chicken breast, 10 oz., 1.88
Tyson chicken, 2 pack,25 oz., 4.00
Libby vienna sausage, 4.6 oz., .50
Great Value vienna sausage, 5 oz., .43
Hormel Spam, 12 oz., 2.48
Dak canned ham, 16 oz., 3.82
Great Value luncheon meat,(can't read my writing to know how many oz.) 1.88
Nalley's chili, assorted, 15 oz., .98 "

End of comment.

These prices look very similar to what I am seeing in Idaho. I did mention in responding to Ejemory's comment that the best deal I found that I wrote about was one that I found in Utah. It pays to read the comments... :)

I will say that not too long ago I heard about a fundraiser at a store that I rarely shop at, so I stopped by. The prices there were very different--I am not absolutely certain about the price of the Nalley chili there, but if memory serves, it was over $2.00. I hope I saw/remember it wrong, but I really don't think so. Thing is, even at that store, there was pasta available for $1.00/box. So the bargains are there if you look for them.

Let's say that no sort of natural disaster hits anywhere near you in the near future. This article about rising food prices indicates that there may be another reason to put a little aside as you are able--it will probably cost more tomorrow than it does today.

Whatever the case, I hope you are participating in the BY series, whether to use it yourself, to give as a gift, or to get ahead of rising food prices. Modify it to meet your needs, and don't be afraid to share your ideas.

Thanks again to Ejemory for sharing the pricing information! If anyone else in or out of Idaho would like to share the prices in your particular area, please do--the more we know, the better off we are...


TM Frugal Gourmet said...

Marie ~ You make a very IMPORTANT point in this article. Not every disaster is natural. Here are a few:
House fire (fireplace, candle, electrical, arson)
Robbery (I know some people who have had appliances stolen while at a community gathering!)
Job Loss
Family Member Loss
Car accident
House damage (roof, windows, foundation)

All of these things can cause a substantial financial burden, and if your larder is stocked, you won't be stressin about eating!

One thing to mention. It is great to have an option to heat the food. Check out the Kelly Kettle and the STove Tec Rocket stove (links below). These are great ways to boil water, and cook. Also, what about matches, a flint, charcloth??

Marie said...

TM Frugal Gourmet--Some of your comments could almost suffice for an entire post, so don't be surprised if they show up in my posts. :) You are absolutely right about the many ways you may find yourself in need of food storage--I feel bad for the people who were robbed because that seems to cause even more problems besides the loss of property--it would also affect your sense of security. I will have to check out the heating sources, but I have no idea what a charcloth is. Thanks as always for your comment!

TM Frugal Gourmet said...

Charcloth is some thing that will catch and hold a spark, and makes it easy to start a fire. I know on American preppers network there is an article about it.
Basically it is cotton that is charred. Old 100% cotton denim makes great char cloth. They used to teach Boy Scouts how to make it. I am hoping to make some this week based on the article on the APN.

Marie said...

TM Frugal Gourmet--I'll have to check that out! Thanks for the info!