Friday, December 28, 2012

A miscalculation--and an opportunity

When I started the BY series, I said that if you did it daily, you would end up with 53 cans. Yesterday was BY #50, so with today, tomorrow, Sunday and Monday, you would end up with 54 cans if you are adding a can daily until the 31st (or enough for one daily). I could skip a day. I could have waited until Monday to say, "Oops--my mistaken math skills mean that I now have a day off! Woohoo!"  But no--I chose today, because tomorrow is Saturday, and if you have added a can today, it means you can add anything you want to tomorrow to your food storage, and it doesn't have to be a can.

Naturally, that is and has been and will always be true, since there is nothing binding you to the BY series. However, I think that tomorrow, when I am adding another can to my storage, it might be a good day for other people to get, may I suggest, water? Or oatmeal? Or wheat? Or beans? Or salt? Or oil? Or yeast? Or meat? Or powdered milk? (If you haven't heard about potentially rising milk prices, you might want to look at this article for an idea of what might be coming.) I'm thinking about adding more stuff to my food storage outside the BY series as well...

Or, you could take a day off. But may I suggest, perhaps, getting more water in your storage? Yeah, I would definitely suggest water.

Have a good Saturday!

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