Thursday, December 6, 2012

BY #29: On the differing tastes thing...

My BY for the day: Can of black olives

If I were adding anything to go along with this, it would be: Chili, or tamales, maybe. Something that was substantial to eat, because olives aren't much of a meal, truth be told.

Oh, but my children love olives--and if they were tired of everything else, they might be a little more interested in whatever it was with a few olives thrown in. To be honest, I'll have to throw in another can of soup or what have you next time I stock up on more cans to make up for this BY, but I think there is a point to be made. What would cheer you up if you were in the middle of an emergency and living off canned foods? What would make your meal just a little better? What could you open that the people that you are responsible for would like enough that they would eat a can of that even if they were tired of canned food?

According to this series, whatever it is has to be in a can, so here I'm going with black olives. I think the can was $.98, and yeah, I'm thinking that whenever we open it, it will be enjoyed...

What about you? Everyone has their own tastes and preferences. Do you have anything that comes canned that is not really a meal, but is something that would either enhance a meal, or bring a smile to those tired of canned food already? Would love to hear what you would buy for your shelf... :)


ejemory said...

Green chili. Great added to scrambled eggs or meat dishes.

TM Frugal Gourmet said...

So true. It really is a great idea to have special foods on your food storage as well. Chocolate, survival candy, sugar (you can make syrup, or just sweeten stuff up), dried fruit, fun crackers.. Etc.. Depending on what your family likes. You just have to remember to rotate what you store.

Olives are fantastic, so are marinated artichokes, salsa, mustards, horseradish... Anyang to change a bland meal into something special.

Marie said...

Ejemory-- The green chili would be a treat for me, but not for everyone around here, but it sure adds flavor... :)

TM Frugal Gourmet--The sweet stuff would definitely be a hit around here. The problem with things like chocolate is keeping them stored and not eaten already. :) I couldn't agree with you more about having things in storage that will improve a bland meal--that can make all the difference..

Thanks to both of you for all your great comments!