Tuesday, December 11, 2012

BY #34: Putting it all together

My BY for the day: Can of navy beans

If I were adding anything to go along with this, it would be: One of the cans of chicken broth that I have, if I can spare it for a meal, and if there's hopefully a heat source to improve the meal overall. I actually thought I would do this before I ever saw the recipe for soup on the side of this particular can of beans, but that recipe asks for a lot more ingredients than just broth and beans. I do think that it is fitting to mention that the recipe there calls for 3 cans of beans/2 cans of chicken broth...I wouldn't hesitate to just use what I had available, no matter what the ratio was, in an emergency.

Do you have any food storage-friendly recipes that requires all cans? One I think that could be useful, though I have not had this in mind, is this one for taco soup. I've never used it with canned chicken, but I would use canned chicken in place of the beef in a can-only situation. Other meals that I might make that have very few/no ingredients other than cans are:

---Soup --you could get enough soup for lunches and dinners (and, let's face it, even breakfast if you wanted) for three days and call it good, but it might get a little monotonous.

---Shepherd's pie made by your favorite stew covered by some mashed potatoes would be good--two ingredients, if you get mashed potatoes that are of the "just add water" variety.

---Canned tamales covered with chili sounds like it would work out in a pinch, and as mentioned in an earlier post,  I think it could be heated in aluminum foil in an alternative heating source if necessary. Haven't tried it, but I wouldn't hesitate to try...

---You can always eat cold cereal dry, but it might not be the meal of choice. No refrigeration needed for canned milk--but you do have to have the cereal stored also. Two ingredients isn't so bad...

---There are "just add water" pancake mixes, and if you have a heating source and cookware that can be used on a grill, etc., you can have a "typical" breakfast food with two ingredients, if you call water an ingredient. I would call it that if it helps you to put more in storage... :)

How about you? What do you have planned in case you have to use your cans in a 3-day (ish) emergency? 

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