Friday, December 14, 2012

BY #37: Again with the easy...

My BY for the day: Can of sirloin burger with country vegetables soup

If I were adding anything to go along with this, it would be: You could put this over any kind of potatoes, I would think--baked, mashed, boiled. Or noodles or rice, but personally my first thought would be potatoes...sounds familiar, huh? :)

Yeah, another soup. Just pick up a couple of extra cans of the kind you like next time you go shopping, and put them on the storage shelf. Just don't forget to rotate them every once in a while--newest cans go in the back... (this from a person who is not the best at rotating the storage, but who can always get better... :)


ejemory said...

Cansolidator shelves, while pricey, make the rotation of canned good easy.

LyndaKay said...

To help with the rotating system, use a bold black marker and write the month and year that the can suggests is the expiration date in large numerals on the label. Easy to spot. Sharpies dry quickly. Keep the marker handy in the kitchen and use every time you bring groceries home. Love the soup-over-potatoes suggestion.

Marie said...

Ejemory--I received one of those shelves as a gift--now to get it put together...I think that once I get that up and running a lot of my rotation (or lack thereof) will cease to be a problem. Thanks so much for your comment!

LyndaKay--The marker idea is great! It would save the time it takes me to check for the sometimes hard-to-read dates on the cans. And recently I found a couple of cans that had two dates--one a production date, I guess, and then an expiration date. Would love to be able to see the date right away!
If you try the soup over potatoes, I hope you like it--we've done it with stew, and not this particular soup, but this soup is pretty similar to stew. Thanks so much for your comment!